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VSynergize specializes in Performance-based Marketing Solutions that accelerate the B2B Sales process by leveraging Intent among target decision-makers.


Lead Generation Process



We help you identify your target user personas and qualify each lead individually guaranteeing that the right audience is driven to your business with high intent.



We help you understand the dynamics of your business and facilitate the best connection by driving leads directly into your Demand Generation Funnel through our mix of digital marketing techniques.



We help you get better leads and close more Sales. Long-term collaborations are our goal, and lead specific feedback from you is vital to our mutual success. Let’s grow together!

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Leverage VSynergize’s
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Turnkey ABM Approach

Through our ABM Approach, we build optimize account lists and run dynamic lead Generation campaigns.

Capture Intent Leads

Identify and generate intent-based Leads.

With several innovative approaches across Lead Generation, Account-Based Marketing, Intent Data, Content Syndication; Vsynergize provides flexible, full-funnel and scalable solutions across various vertical markets

Increase ROI

Optimize your strategy with robust targeting capabilities

Amplify Reach

Drive lead generation with the largest B2B lead generation network.

Lead Nurturing

Engage newly generated Leads with customized communication.

Multi-channel Engagement

Generate leads that are most engaged with your content on various platforms.

Client Testimonials

“Data quality is impeccable and MIS Reporting for Vsynergize projects was Perfect”

Michelle B

Demand Gen Manager, Telecom giant


“The VSynergize Team handled our multiple and complex projects with good execution.Decisive strategy was implemented at regular intervals to ensure a thorough success of our campaigns .They took Good Steps in the Right Direction”

Nick P

Account Manager, Media Buyer


“Leads were delivered on time by the VSynergize Team and the lead conversion acceptance % was good.Our Data end users had a good experience with these leads and the Vsynergize team delivered qualitative results.All our project related instructed were duly followed as well”

Craig B

Major Media Buyer


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