bant qualified leads

VSynergize helps Network Security Company with BANT-Qualified Leads

Headquartered in the US, the client is a trusted business partner providing software security and business intelligence solutions that protect content, devices, applications, and communications across multiple markets. The client helps businesses with the best solution that is cost-effective, easy to deploy and supported with responsive customer service with teams based worldwide.


The Clients’ Sales Team was responsible to find, prospect and convert potential clients. The client faced pain points of their sales team of not prospecting enough or not reaching the right prospects at the right time. They tried various strategies but failed. And a weak Sales Pipeline was a prevalent struggle for the client. That is when VSynergize stepped in.

The Client was referred to VSynergize by their top customers, which also happened to be a longtime partner to VSynergize. Together with the Client, VSynergize put together a BANT Campaign to build a fresh set of qualified prospects.


VSynergize implemented a 6 month ABM Strategy to help the client reach out to the right prospects, secure sales-ready leads and increase their Sales Pipeline velocity. The client wanted that their internal Sales Focuses only on closing deals and cater to their existing client’ needs. The VSynergize team took over the tasks of market research, account Selection, and targeted outreach.

The first step of the process was to narrow the campaign’s focus to high-impact potential customers and identify ideal accounts by sorting out through the pool of target prospects in the selected industries.

We added additional data that would serve as a good backup in case the first contact was inaccessible. This helped improve and spike up the Client’s chances of picking up on more potential customers.


VSynergize successfully completed the 6-month BANT Campaign. VSynergize delivered BANT Qualified Leads that opened opportunities for the client to engage new sets of target buyers. We achieved the below:

  • 1. Doubled the number of closed deals per month as compared to internal efforts
  • 2. Achieved key objectives in terms of best-fit accounts and highly qualified prospects delivered/
  • 3. Set appointments for the Client’s team to further discuss and customize a solution for the prospect. Calendar-invite meetings were sent to qualified decision-makers who articulated their issues and were interested to speak with the client.

Besides the results of the 6 months campaign, the Client and their Sales Team gained:

  • 1. A continuous pipeline of qualified sales opportunities
  • 2. Increased knowledge of who the most viable prospects are in the market
  • 3. Focus on the right decision-makers in each of the targeted organizations
  • 4. Improved sales team effectiveness and more targeted selling time
  • 5. More predictable revenue growth

“Thrilled with the results! The program is doing exactly what I hoped it would do, in terms of providing excellent quality leads.  We definitely want to keep this kind of perpetual approach in mind — that would go all the way through. .”