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VSynergize helps Media Agency increase sales opportunities with Data Appending Services


The client was unable to cost effectively append their international data lists. They reported that their main concern was duplicate email addresses that were not appended or updated. And without appending the client was unable to facilitate target marketing, which was failing the efforts of their sales and marketing teams.

The data being collected from multiple sources,  it was a challenge to match customer’s multiple entries, do away with redundancies and merge the information to ensure that the list contains accurate, unique and de-duplicated data – providing a single view of each customer.

The client required VSynergize to provide them with an updated and error free database from various industries across the UK, Spain, France and Germany.


VSynergize brought together a team of experienced agents to append customer records and ensure that the information is current and correct to the every detail.

  • Identified and added missing information to make sure that each entry is complete
  • Cleansed, validated and updated customer data
  • Rigorous validation processes to include only permission based email addresses so that marketing communications would reach only genuine customers
  • Omnichannel method was used to get clean, optimized and real-time data
  • Multilingual approach to support markets in UK, Spain, France & Germany


With the 6 months engagement, VSynergize delivered uncompromising data quality,where the client was able to:

  • Segment data and email addresses
  • Create customer profiles to improve target marketing
  • Profile sales leads to identify top marketing prospects
  • Analyze market data for new market expansion planning
  • Visualize marketing data

“It was a determining factor to engage with VSynergize. With their data appending services, it allowed us to compete with larger players in the market. VSynergize helped us establish correct relationships with companies in the target region”.  – Client

With almost 90% accuracy of the database lists, Vsynergize had a tremendous impact on the client business, giving the marketing and sales efforts a major ROI boost.