VSynergize helps American Online Media Company boost their revenues through content syndication

VSynergize helps American Online Media Company boost their revenues through content syndication

The client is a leading online media company that provides B2B marketers and media planners unparalleled access to a highly qualified and engaged audience through their portfolio of lead generation programs, industry-specific websites, email newsletters, web seminars, live events, podcasts, content/reviews, custom publishing and direct marketing.


Online Media Agencies have a lot on the line and need to depend on their vendors to deliver on quality, because a bad lead reflects on the agency’s reputation. This was the challenge faced by our client that believes in cohesive and integrated media perspectives. The client was looking for a partner that could deliver quality leads on time and target B2B clients with complex sales cycles.


VSynergize leveraged its advanced targeting capabilities to drive meaningful results for the client’s customers. After carefully determining only the most relevant targets in each industry – according to company size, industry, designation, geography, VSynergize devised a strategy to reach and attract prospects for the customer.

To boost engagement and generate high quality leads, VSynergize employed a multi-channel content marketing program. The team used innovative tactics to promote a mix of client owned content like whitepapers, reports, guides to engage with B2B executives. VSynergize supported the client’s high-growth business model by driving engagement and strengthening its sales funnel:

#Custom Content Creation: We created custom conversion-optimized content that is tailored to inform and engage specific audiences.

#High Qualified Leads: We identify qualified prospects and generate lower-funnel leads that are ready to make a purchase.

# Leads with different engagement temperatures: We created a custom campaign giving the full funnel program a boost

“We’re really excited for VSynergize because they will do all that works for us. Also, it is clear to us that VSynergize  is also in the business of building good relationships.”

                                                                                                                             – Client Sales Head


Leveraging its vast database and powerful content marketing engine, VSynergize amplified the clients lead generation efforts to reach the target audience at scale. The  integrated content marketing and custom demand generation program executed delivered the client’s customers high-quality leads from over 15 industries. The client was so impressed by these results that they’ve signed on for another campaign – this time requesting almost double the amount of leads.