Appointment Setting is a unique amalgamation of art and science that if applied precisely can help transform the fortunes of any enterprise. It is an art to engage, educate, and create a sense of need and urgency about a product or service by using scientific temper and evaluating real data.

Many enterprises do not understand the benefits of appointment setting services and simply ignore its relevance by treating it as just another sales process. But in reality, it is a vital task in the sales development cycle that must be treated with extreme precision to achieve real business endeavours. Companies that put their trust in appointment setting services usually earn profitable outcomes. Research suggests that when enterprises outsource their appointment setting tasks to generate more leads, they earn 41% better revenue results. Do you know why? This blog will help you understand this.

1. Performance Peaks When Experts Are on Board 

  • In a typical world, on an average 7-8 people are involved in the buying decision
  • 80% of sales require on average 5 call follow-ups. Unfortunately, 44% of the sales representatives give up after the first call.
  • 92% of all interactions happen over call

Any leading edge appointment setting service provider knows all such nitty-gritty of the appointment setting world in great detail. They set up their business processes, training, vision, infrastructure, work culture, and more keeping one core focal point in their minds i.e. to ‘Convert as many leads into customers as possible’. They hire and train people who are highly experienced in Appointment Setting tasks.

Making calls, guiding prospects, resolving their queries, creating a positive appeal about a brand, and setting appointments, are the USPs of their employees. Such people are aware of each challenge that comes in the way of the buyer’s journey and know how to efficiently handle such situations.

Moreover, they won’t stumble and fumble while handling a big client and give your company a bad first impression. Instead, they engage, educate, and communicate with the clients that encourage them one step ahead to buy your services. Also, the kind of professionalism they bring to the table further helps enterprises to win the trust of their prospects very smoothly and assists in creating a better bond with enterprises.

2. Activate Sales Cycle from Day 1

outsourced b2b appointment setting services

When you outsource your B2B appointment setting work to any reputed lead generation organization, your sales development work starts from day 1. As they have all things ready that are required to initiate appointment setting work, you don’t need to wait for months to initiate your sales work.

Contrary, if you choose to run an in-house team of Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) then setting-up the complete infrastructure is quite cumbersome, time-consuming, and overwhelmingly costly (in terms of ROI and sales output effectiveness). As you need to invest heavily in hiring the right resources, training them as per the latest techniques, installing required tools and software, hiring managers and all, to initiate your sales work.

3. Saves You From the Negative Impacts of Employee Turnover

appointment setting team

What if your hired employees are not able to boost your sales cycle? What if they are not able to understand the pulse of the appointment setting world and show low performance as per your KPIs? Or worst that every company fears – What if your top-performing employees move towards greener pastures for better personal growth? Any of the mentioned things are very much practical in the corporate world and happen the world over.

When such things happen, it develops negative outcomes for any business. Loss of time, training cost, monthly expenses, and worst of all its impact on the sales development process. Employee turnover can slow the pace of growth or even abruptly end the sales process in the middle.

While outsourcing this job to any good appointment setting service provider can get you rid of this challenge. As they empower you to earn quality leads uninterruptedly. No matter whatever the situation is. Employee turnover does not affect them much as they have a pool of well-trained appointment setters in line who are always ready to replace any outgoing employee without interrupting the sales cycle.

4. Greater Flexibility

B2B appointment setting services

Sales is a continuous process but the magnitude of demand changes rapidly during a financial year. In some seasons, it peaks. So in others, it plummets drastically. What should an enterprise ideally then do to match the demands continuously in a cost-effective and smooth manner? Hiring new resources and getting them trained within that short peak time is definitely not a pragmatic approach. And even though you hire, what will you do when the demand recedes? Would you dare to lay off your extra employees and compromise with your professional integrity? Even if you dare, won’t it create a sense of instability amongst the fellow employees and disturb their minds and morale and ultimately affect your organization’s overall productivity.

By outsourcing appointment setting work to a prominent B2B appointment setting company, you can manage the demand of any scale in all seasons without creating chaos inside your organization. That too in a timely, cost-effective, result-driven, and peaceful manner. When there is a rise in demand, your appointment setting service company can add required resources for you in a time bound manner. When the situation reverses then they simply move extra resources to some other accounts without compromising their professional integrity. A win-win situation for all.

5. Focus On What You Are Great At

There are several stages in a sales development process. Right from collecting precise B2B data, prospecting, lead nurturing, turning leads into marketing qualified leads (MQLs) and sales qualified leads (SQLs), to closing leads. All stages are crucial that require special focus, skill set, and most importantly time to get good output. If your key closing representatives are involved in all such processes from start to end then not only the effectiveness of the sales development cycle will be impacted heavily but also the bandwidth of the employees.

As most of their time will be spent focussing on an array of things concerning sales cycles. Outsourcing appointment setting tasks to any leading B2B appointment setting service company provides employees enough time to focus on what they are good at or on your core business services. It helps not just in gaining better sales results but also in boosting the overall productivity of the organization as each person is focussed on delivering something valuable on which he/she holds expertise.

6. Save Cost

b2b appointment setting services

Setting up an in-house team not just soaks valuable time but money as well. From hiring, training, retaining, purchasing high-end tools and software, or managing precious real estate space, everything requires money. And if you are really serious about gaining quality leads then you cannot compromise with any of these things.

Hiring talented and experienced professionals itself costs enterprises a huge sum of money with no surety about their long-term professional commitments. Moreover, when you need to expand the team as per requirements, operating costs further grow higher. You can save big money by outsourcing your lead generation task to any good B2B appointment setting company and utilize their services as and when required.

7. Get Constant Leads

Get Leads B2b marketing

The ultimate aim of running a company is to get business, which is not possible until you earn good-quality leads. Getting it done from an in-house team might take you several months with uncertainty about the expected results. On the other hand, outsourcing appointment setting work enables enterprises to streamline their sales operations quite efficiently. As they hold expertise in supplying quality leads uninterruptedly, your sales pipeline always gets filled with prospects who are certainly ready to become customers.

Moreover, B2B appointment setting companies add true value to their client’s business because they carry unique expertise in:

  • Making cold calls
  • Generating leads
  • Precise prospecting
  • Scheduling/rescheduling appointments
  • Making follow-up calls
  • Explaining the company’s products or services
  • Clearing doubts
  • Lead nurturing

All these factors help in boosting sales output significantly. Research suggests that lead nurturing helps B2B companies to boost their conversion by 20%. A good appointment setting team that holds expertise in nurturing leads that can further give your business a competitive edge.


A notable American author once said that great salespeople are relationship builders who provide value and help their customers win. Appointment setters are those people who possess all those skills that are required to make a buyer’s journey not just pleasant but cost-efficient as well. They empower organizations to boost conversion to a whole new level. If you have not tasted the kind of success you dreamt of or not gaining enough sales due to inefficient processes then you definitely need to take some bold steps. Consulting a B2B appointment setting service provider is surely one of the most needed steps in that direction.

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