Essential B2B Email Marketing Strategies for 2019

Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts of B2B Email Marketing

Any business can achieve highest level when email marketing comes into picture. Especially, B2B business! B2B email marketing sounds interesting due to its flamboyant nature. Needless to say, ‘content is king’ it still dominates email marketing strategies. Just imagine without valuable content another email is just a piece of junk.

B2B industry is characterized more by data usage and insights. Validated facts and figures and statistics play an important role while shooting email to potential prospects. Apart from boasting about least important things, a well-crafted B2B email should sound as the next lucrative offer.

Overall if B2B email marketing campaign forms major part of your business, remember these dos and don’ts.


 Remember the Healthy Ways to grow an email list:

  • As said, ‘value’ is what prospects look out for! Offer them something valuable that makes them think about your product/service
  • Adding a video works well. Create a long-lasting appeal to subscribers
  • Try different forms of call-to-actions. Determine which converts the best. Use those always!

 Test for Optimized Results:

  • Testing gives you optimized results about target audience. In a hypothetical situation, try out A/B testing for B2B email marketing. While monitoring the metrics, determine the bounce-rate, click-through rate, unsubscribe rate etc. In short, testing shall give you results based on actual facts
  • Another point to add is to let subscribers know when to expect your email. With this, you can avoid your email getting spammed

 Segregate your lists:

  • Is your B2B email marketing failing? Try out segregating the recipients
  • It may be time consuming but this will save your time in long terms. By managing the preferences, the intended email goes to the right person at the right time rather than to the general audience
  • Segregation makes easy for you to handle subscriber’s expectations too

 Think about the Subject Line:

  • Very simple but this is where efforts are needed to know where your email stands! A sweet and concise subject line is a must to capture reader’s attention
  • Subject line of an email must be direct and pleasing
  • Again, you can test to know how good your subject line is!

 Sound Genuine:

  • Never underestimate email marketing. One wrong step and it could cost a fortune
  • Even if your template is simple, sound genuine and transparent!


 Go for Unresponsive Design:

  • One of the biggest mistake B2B marketers commit is not applying the responsive design for emails
  • Even if the email opens on other devices and not on mobile, you are bound to lose a huge audience, as a survey tells that more than 50% emails are read on mobile

 Fall into the trap of Buying List:

  • While paid list can give you hundreds of prospects, but cannot assure you genuine business
  • With a drawback of relevancy paid lists do not work well every time

 Send your email without Testing:

  • Prospects show interests to those emails that have a standard with great look & feel
  • An email with unclear thoughts delivered at a single time is not so appreciated and not responded well by subscribers

 Fall short on content:

  • Having a well-documented content strategy can bring wonders to your business
  • Nurture every email campaign with valuable content
  • Ensure that content works well for you and not against you

 Forget the ‘Email rules’:

  • Simple! Remember the Do’s for better B2B email marketing

B2B industry has tremendous scope in upcoming years. Lead generation, outsourcing IT services, app development etc., have a great importance in just next few years. Falling into the category of B2B, a well drafted B2B email marketing strategy shall come handy to serve business needs.

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