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Lead Generation is a major challenge for any B2B SaaS company. While there are many ways to generate leads, there is no single way to ensure smooth flows of leads. Telemarketing is also one of the ways to get more leads but it is underestimated quite often. If it is done in the right way it can help you to create more sales opportunities. In this article, we will talk about how B2B Telemarketing for software can be done in an effective and efficient manner. Keep reading the article to know the tips for successful telemarketing B2B lead generation.

What is Telemarketing Lead Generation? 

Telemarketing lead generation for software basically means generating leads through telemarketing. In this method, leads are generated through cold calling, delivering mails or through face to face conversations. Telemarketing means when you call the potential customers directly without their knowledge or without knowing if they have interest in your product or service. The results of telemarketing may vary and it is a very direct and immediate approach.

Why Choose Telemarketing Lead Generation? 

We will now tell you the reasons why B2B telemarketing for software is effective and successful. Telemarketers before calling people are specially trained for it. They are trained on how to approach the customers, what should be their tone of voice, and attitude etc. As the telemarketers are the front face of your company, you must make sure that they have knowledge about your business. They should be able to explain all the aspects and clear the doubts of your customers in every call. Reasons to choose B2B telemarketing:

  1. Telemarketers develop a bond with customers which is not possible via messages or emails.
  2. It is an interactive and more personal approach. You can immediately answer the questions and queries of your customers.
  3. You can directly reach out to your potential customers through telemarketing.
  4. Telemarketing is an easy way to maintain constant contact with your customers and do follow up.
  5. It brings more qualified leads and that can in turn help in securing more deals.

Benefits of Telemarketing Lead Generation

Telemarketing campaigns are overlooked by many businesses, however if utilized properly it can be very beneficial. It is an efficient method to get more significant and realistic business contacts. Below we have mentioned some of the advantages and benefits of Telemarketing B2B Lead Generation.

1. Telemarketing is affordable

It is cost effective and an easy way to generate leads and sell products or services. You can easily update and follow up with your customers from time to time. Telemarketing is much cheaper than other marketing ways when it is outsourced.

2. Helps to Boost Sales

If you do a telemarketing  campaign in the right way, it can help to boost up your sales. According to the research, ‘1% of the cold calls are converted into appointments.’ It has also been seen that 78% of the decision makers made an appointment or attended an event because of an email or a cold call.

3. Interactive and Personal

Telemarketing is interactive and it is more effective because we use actual humans for it. Customers are more likely to trust people and interact with them. It is also a good way to communicate and it is a two way communication.

According to AI stat news, ‘86% of consumers prefer humans over chatbots.’ It has also been observed that sales calls are rarely ignored when they are directed towards the potential customers. Through telemarketing it is also easy to understand prospect’s personality and their interest towards your product or service.

4. Expand your business Reach

Telemarketing can help you to expand your business reach. You can contact and reach out to customers who are even far off from you. You can sell your products or services even at a distance from your geographic location. This helps you to expand your reach and thus results in more sales.

5. You get immediate Feedback

Another vital benefit of telemarketing is that you can get instant feedback from your customers. You can ask them about your products or services and what they like and dislike about it. This will help you to build a strong relationship with your customers. It will also make them feel important and they’ll think that you care enough to call.

Not only this you can work and improve the areas of your products or services that customers do not like. Telemarketing helps you to initiate conversations with your customers and get instant feedback.

Tips for Successful Telemarketing Lead Generation

1. Research and Analysis

The first and foremost important step is to conduct research and analysis. You need to map out and see what your target audience is, its type and size, etc. You cannot just go around calling random people.

First choose a target market and study them. According to that, plan your strategy and see how you can best approach your customers. Then, organize your leads and group them according to the priority.

For arranging the leads on the basis of priority, you must first identify and make the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). This will give you an idea and a filtering out process to arrange the leads.

2. Develop a good relationship with your Customers

Building a good relationship with your customers on call is a very difficult task. Usually the people find telemarketing calls very annoying and they keep the phone within seconds. When starting the call, the telemarketer should first ask the customer’s name. Listening to your customers and being obedient is very important.

Customers are able to connect and communicate with you more when they can easily relate to you. It is important to stay polite and professional even when it’s hard to do so. Telemarketers should respect the choice of the customers and keep the call when they say no.

People who have good experiences with you will always come back to you. So, you must maintain a good rapport and relationship with them.

3. Use a Well Written Script

Make a script that works for you. Calling people directly without a well written script isn’t a good idea. Before calling, you must make a good script, listen to it and think of it from the customer’s point of view.

See if your script is attractive and engaging enough? Practice the script and use it on a daily basis when you call the customers.

But things never go as planned, sometimes you might deviate a bit from the script but that’s completely okay. Make your script creative, flowing and make changes whenever necessary.

4. Learn to deal with bad calls

In telemarketing, it is very common to have bad calls. Often, people find these calls interruptive and disturbing and so they might end up saying some harsh words to you. However, you shouldn’t take that personally and keep going.

A good telemarketer is the one who can deal with both good and bad calls. You should be able to move on and go to the next call. See the bad calls as a learning experience and take them positively.

5. Be ready with everything

Just making the script and researching isn’t it all. You should be prepared and know everything about the company. You should know what offers it makes and how it can add value to people who decide to take it.

You should be well versed so that when you are faced with unexpected questions, you can answer them easily. Being prepared makes you confident and helps you to stay calm. Also when you are prepared and confident people tend to believe you more.

The Bottom Line…

Telemarketing is an effective way of generating leads. However, it does not have a good reputation but if done rightly, it can be very successful. Telemarketing is a direct approach and you can opt for it to increase your sales. It’s not very hard to train people but it requires patience and the right approach. You need to use and implement the best telemarketing strategies and tools in order to drive more leads to your business.

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