The key to closing a sale is to successfully help

Simple tips to close Telemarketing Sales Leads

Telemarketing can be a very effective way of generating business for B2B firms – you just have to make sure you do it correctly. Signing the deal in a telemarketing call is the most important part of the funnel as it seals the deal and makes the sale. The success of a B2B telemarketing call depends on being able to sign the deal at the negotiation table, which is the final stage.

What does it actually take to sign a Deal?

A great sales hook – The starting of your sales call should be catchy enough to hook the prospect in such a way that will make them want to hear more. Once you have peaked their interest and they want to find out more about why you called, half your job is already done. You have been able to grab the attention which is half the battle won.

Try and open with a question – A simple yet intriguing question will keep a healthy conversation going between you and the end buyer. The direction of the entire call hinges on your prospect’s answer and the direction he/she is pushing the discussion to. The decision maker is usually a person in a high authority and their voice tone will reveal if they’re ready hit the nail or not.

Providing clarity about the offer – There has to be a level of consistency in what the offer is. You have to present the offer with conviction and a great zeal. You have to reiterate and increase your level of commitment. Also follow it with your lead generation strategies constantly and eventually your efforts will lead to more conversions.

A positive attitude – A “can-do” attitude is primary for all business especially in sales it can actually generate qualified leads.  It helps you stay focused and create a great foundation to follow with your sales pitch. The “can-do” attitude can help you with negotiations and closings.

To stop losing and start closing telemarketing sales leads it is necessary to keep up-to-date with adaptations and polish the sales pitch. The ultimate goal of all lead generation strategies is to sign the deal or make the sale. It is a very costly to not convert prospects as; you not only lose a deal but also lose a valuable customer for a lifetime.
Maintaining these basic elements in your sales pitch will help ensure you sign deals.

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