SDR as a Service

Lead Generation Managing Services for Maximum Output and Productivity with SDR Sales.

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SDR a Service

Lead Generation Managing Services for Maximum Output and Productivity with SDR Sales.

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According to an HBR survey, 79% of businesses feel outsourcing sales can help them scale faster and another 78% report outsourcing increases both, sales and leads volumes. The data directly indicate that the SDR as a service is used to filter out leads that best fit your requirements.

Why SDR as a service?

With SDR as a service, your business can utilize the resources efficiently and enhance your lead generation process.

This model puts the entire process in a controlled system to minimize risks, increase conversion rates and ensure the highest quality lead generation for your organization. Top-of-the-funnel leads need to be managed by a specialized leadership team that is focused and equipped to meet targets.

Outsource SDR Services to VSynergize

Our Outsourced SDR team is trained to meet your requirements, area of business, and lead targets. Vsynergize offers a professional Sales Development Representative team that focuses on-
1. Conducting research
2. Prospecting via e-mails, and social media
3. Setting appointments.

With an effective sales team, you can make an impact on the market from the very beginning. Having a predictable, repeatable, and scalable sales engine will help your organization grow with desirable sales & development teams. That is why an organization needs to outsource its sales process to an SDR team.

Why You Should Outsource Your Lead Generation Outreach?

Target New Markets

An Outsourced SDR Team will have the required bandwidth to research the geographies that are best suited to your organization’s products or solutions and get you the right leads to accelerate your pipeline.

Importance on Research

Research is an unmissable aspect of a Lead Generation Campaign. SDR services free up internal resources, allowing companies to focus on their core competencies and achievable tasks rather than those time-consuming tasks for Sales Executives.

Speed to Market

An Outsourced SDR Team can speed to market and get geared to execute your Lead Generation Campaign by quickly ramping up or down their sales efforts based on demand. Whereas, an internal team often works on multiple projects and doesn’t have enough free man-hours.

Running Multi-Channel Campaigns

To make a sale, a brand needs to make its presence for the prospects, that is covering all multimedia forms and channels. A successful lead Generation Campaign needs a multi-channel prospecting approach, helping businesses to reach a wider audience and increase sales.

Gaining Expertise

With an Outsourced SDR Team, it is easier to gain insights into what is working vs. what is not. Instead, your organization will learn significantly about your target market works, strategic campaigns that give higher results, and insights about prospects.

Lowering the Cost of Sales

Hiring an Internal Sales Team is extremely costly and time-consuming. Whereas, when you have an Outsourced SDR Team onboard, you eliminate the cost and time used for hiring, training, salaries, retention, and more.

Focus on Outcomes

An efficient Outsourcing Sales Team will help you focus on just the outcomes. You will have more time to strategize on gaining a high-velocity funnel and accelerating your sales. SDR as a service provides you to choose the level and type of services they need.

Expert Outreach

Experienced professionals who have the skills and knowledge to achieve sales targets will invest their skills in those areas that drive growth. An SDR outsourcing company that standardizes sales learning principles by AA-ISP, Sales Gravy, and more will boost your ROI.

Benefits of SDR as a Service

The primary sales benefit of using VSynergize’s SDR as a service is that it enables you to see near-immediate results because the software and communication channels are already in place. 

These services allow an easy transfer of responsibility for your marketing team. With our professional services, you don’t have to worry about training, or having your team become confused by multiple platforms and messaging – our SDR team will offer comprehensive support from the outset.

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