SDR as Service

You could be in any business, any industry, or any sector. You know how crucial sales development representatives (SDRs) are in providing the crucial ignition and boost to your top line.

However, if you are not savvy with your SDR strategy, you are likely to make a negative, irreparable impact on your bottom line. Therefore, it comes in SDR-as-a-service!

There is no denying that lead generation is the launchpad of business growth. While you can have an in-house team of employees to look after all the major tasks like demand generation, outbound outreach, and specifically lead generation, it may cost you a lot more than outsourcing the tasks to a trusted company.

According to a study carried out in 2021, the cost of hiring each in-house SDR is around $6000-10000 keeping in mind the training they require and their salaries, while outsourced SDR services may reduce the cost to around 66%.

Therefore, SDR as a service can turn out to be an extremely cost-efficient strategy for your business! We are sure you want to know more about sales development representatives, outsourced SDR services, and outbound SDR. Let’s begin!

What is SDR as a service?

SDR stands for Sales Development Representative (SDR). As lead generation and sales outreach service providers, SDRs are responsible for:

  1. Running and managing outbound sales campaigns
  2. Generating the leads and qualifying them
  3. Identifying the priority of business leads within the sales funnels

An SDR as a service can be industry-specific or industry-specialists. Either way, their awareness of the buyer persona and their knowledge of the industry-specific best practices make them excellent at what they do. Eventually, they get you the sales and the leads that are best for your business and they are remunerated as per that.

Why should you even think about outsourced SDR services in the first place?

Simply put, as a business owner, with an outsourced SDR services strategy in place, you are taking the weight of the hiring and training process of in-house SDRs off your shoulders. And along with that, you enjoy a significant decrease in cost by outsourcing all these tasks to an SDR outsourcing company.

For some business owners, the benefit that we mentioned second could be the primary benefit, and for others, it would be the reverse.

Here are three simple reasons why you should consider SDR services for your business which are also the reasons why you should bother to read this article further:

1. Upfront cost reduction

While we have already mentioned to you the cost reduction by availing SDR as a service, here we would specifically like to mention the most prominent aspect of it – you save an upfront investment.
Building an in-house sales team is a capital-intensive expedition. So yes, while SDR as a service saves you from the operational costs of running a sales team, the bigger aspect for you could be saving upfront.

2. Exceptional sales skills (plug and play)

When you onboard an SDR as a service company, you need to be sure that they know your industry and market well. In most cases where this happens, this leads to big breakthroughs on the sales front.
That is because what you get are exceptionally well-trained sales executives with years of relevant experience taking charge of your sales processes.

3. Beneficial industry knowledge

In continuation to what we mentioned above, when you outsource your SDR to a company that matches your business needs, you not only get sales skills but also enormous industry knowledge.
With such expertise on your side, your business is likely to witness an exceptional jumpstart.

Factors to consider when hiring SDR as a service

Once you have finally decided to go for outsourcing SDR services, don’t forget to make sure you look for the following factors and make the right decision.

Here are the factors to consider when finding the right SDR team for your business:

  • You must first check whether the SDR company has previously worked in your industry or not. There are both, pros, and cons of them having worked in your industry already. The cons are that if they are working for your competitor, you might not be comfortable choosing them. The pros are that they know exactly how businesses like yours work.
  • Seek from them their past sales conversion results. Most companies might not share them directly but a good way to ask these questions might always help. For example, you may ask them about the ‘industry average’ or ‘what can I expect if we work’ kind of questions.
  • Thoroughly understand their pricing structure and their pricing tiers. What are the benefits of each of their tiers and what is the fine print (if any) in their offer?
  • Finally, always ensure that their values meet the objectives of your business and your demands and requirements.

How does an outsourced company work internally? (Sneak-peek)

It could be beneficial for you to know how the SDR company functions to make lead generation and sales happen for you. Let us take you through a broad overview of how an SDR company operates.

  • Once signing up with you, the SDR as a service company audits your sales process and suggests if the process needs to be tweaked. Through this audit, they also discover the people they need to involve from their end and the person-hours required or committed to you.
  • The sales development representative that is hired by an SDR company already has years of experience in qualifying leads in the industry. This removes any need for special training, and thus you are directly provided with the benefits that you expect. Which means that they are ready to start delivering and producing results.
  • The SDR outsourcing team will take care of everything, including hiring qualified and experienced SDRs familiar with your company and providing the right leads for the sales team.
  • Since the complete task is outsourced to an SDR team, they don’t need to occupy your office premises and get the work done as they work remotely until and unless you ask them to show up in the office.
  • The SDRs also make cold visits to your prospect’s premises if required and if it is a part of your agreement with them. This is called Outbound SDR.

This allows them to focus completely on the task they are provided with, and they can easily focus on the quality of the results they produce.


Whether your business has just started or grown with time, generating leads by hiring an SDR company makes perfect sense. No matter what goal of the business you want to achieve, including getting better-quality leads, making more revenue, or performing market validation, SDR as a service can turn out to be an excellent partner for you throughout your journey as a business owner.

Just don’t forget to look for all the important factors that we mentioned in this article before hiring a Sales Development Representative to get the best results you expect.

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