Psychiatric Billing Services

Simplify Your Practice’s Financial Processes and Focus on Patient Care

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Psychiatric Billing Services

Simplify Your Practice’s Financial Processes and Focus on Patient Care

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Outsource Psychiatric Billing Services to VSynergize

At VSynergize, we understand the importance of accurate and efficient billing processing for psychiatric treatment. That’s why we offer a range of psychiatric billing services to help mental health professionals streamline their billing process and increase revenue. 

With our services, you don’t have to juggle problems like:

  • Late Claims
  • High rejection rates 
  • Poor Coding 
  • Increasing AR

By outsourcing to a mental health billing company, you’ll not only be able to reduce internal costs but also increase your cash flow. 

We can help keep you updated on ICD/CPT modifications, HIPAA compliance as well as PQRS while giving you the complete picture of what is happening behind the scenes so that quality patient care remains front and center.

Psychiatric Billing Services We Offer

Claim Submission

Our team is experienced in appeals, collections processes, and medical coding. This ensures that all claims are submitted accurately. Our claim submission process monitors claim submission and guarantees that it complies with the new payment standards and active rules and regulations.

Monitor accounts

We continuously monitor client accounts for any discrepancies or errors that may occur during the billing process. We also provide regular reports of claims, bills, and due payments. This helps our clients stay informed about the status of their accounts and any pending issues or concerns.

Denials management

VSynergize has a reliable service to reduce your denied claims with perfect denial management strategies. We’ll work with you to identify the issues while systemically gathering the data and incorporating proper tactics to decrease denied claims and boost revenue.

Account Receivable (AR) follow-up

We’ll ensure that all patient payments are accurately coded and reconciled and that all billing data is valid and updated. We stay up to date with accounts receivable follow-up to keep claims from being denied in the future and that no delayed claims could affect your revenue cycle. 

Coding and reconciling accounts

With Accuracy in mind, We offer a full range of coding services tailored to the needs of psychiatrists, including ICD-10-CM and CPT coding. We handle that immense requirement of submitting your claims with correct coding streamlining faster processing of claims.

Insurance verification

Our experts work with you and insurers to obtain necessary authorization in advance, reducing financial risk and minimizing administrative tasks. We handle insurance patients on your behalf and provide a quick insight into patients’ insurance coverage even before they come for treatment.

Benefits of Our Psychiatric Billing Services

We understand mental health treatments and services’ unique coding and documentation requirements. Our experts are highly trained in billing guidelines and mental health insurance policies.

We also stay up-to-date on all changes to medical billing regulations, reimbursement models, and other vital topics related to the billing process. This helps us ensure that our clients receive the best possible reimbursement for their services.

We believe in utilizing the latest technology to streamline medical billing processes. This helps reduce denials, improve payment accuracy, and maximize reimbursement for our clients.

FAQ – Psychiatric Billing Services

The hardest part for a Psychiatrist conducting billing is the variety of rounds that each insurance company makes the biller juggle through. For counselors and other healthcare providers, time management becomes a major issue when one is trying to see patients and simultaneously file insurance claims. It takes time to learn what diagnosis codes work, and even where and how to submit each claim.

The price structure of psychiatric billing and coding services will vary depending on the specific needs of your practice and the services being provided. Our billing service follows a rigid billing procedure specifically designed for psychiatrists, where added revenue and financial stability gained from professional billing and coding support more than offsets the cost of the services.

Our Billing experts take the privacy and security of your practice’s billing and coding information very seriously. All of the systems are encrypted with the latest security protocols, and all data is stored securely in a HIPAA-compliant environment.

It can be hectic to deal with billing specialists or BPO services that don’t offer daily, weekly, and monthly updates. You also want to be keen when working with a coder or biller that isn’t communicative. 

At VSynergize, we assign you a billing manager whom you can call for whatever concerns and questions you might have. Knowing that your billing and coding specialist is there for you is one of the most underestimated and essential aspects when opting for psychiatric billing. services

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