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As companies and employees begin to make remote work more permanent, many sales departments are enjoying the benefits of Outsourced SDRs.

From multinational companies to local firms, Outsourced SDRs are becoming a popular tool for many businesses to grow their operations.

Here’s everything you need to know about Outsourced SDRs and how they can help your business!

Outsourced SDR Explained

An outsourced sales development representative (SDR) is an experienced salesperson or team of salespeople that can replace a traditional sales team. While In-house SDRs are employed by the company, Outsourced SDRs work for a third-party company and are typically cheaper to hire.

Businesses can avoid all the additional costs of managing a sales team by using a third-party company, including paid training, office space, equipment, employee insurance, and other unavoidable employee costs.

Many Outsourced SDR companies offer a dedicated team of salespeople (1-3 reps) that have a certain specialty or field of experience. The Outsourced SDRs are typically paid a flat monthly fee with the option for additional services like technical support, weekend/holiday coverage, and more.

Companies can use Outsourced SDRs for a wide range of tasks. These SDRs can be used to assist the in-house SDRs by finding qualified leads, taking on special tasks, or even replacing the entire in-house sales team altogether. In reality, Outsourced SDRs is a powerful multi-purpose tool that can be used in numerous creative ways.

Why Businesses Use Outsourced SDR

The main reason businesses love using Outsourced SDRs is because they are onboarding experienced professionals overnight. Rather than training a sales team and purchasing equipment and software, Outsourced SDR companies are ready to work from the start.

By leveraging the expertise of Outsourced SDRs, companies can immediately enjoy industry insights and lead-generation techniques that are proven to work from experience. Many Outsourced SDRs have worked in similar industries or for similar clients, giving you a competitive advantage.

Another major benefit of outsourcing is that companies can better allocate their employees’ time. Sale is an important function of any business and usually requires a dedicated team and manager. By outsourcing the sales department, companies can allow their managers to prioritize their time on more important business activities.

Arguably the most important benefit of outsourced SDRs is the cost. Since Outsourced SDRs work remotely, companies can avoid extra expenditures like relocation costs and employee benefits. Not only will your sales department cost you less, but you can work with experienced professionals from around the world that can provide 24/7 coverage at a fraction of the cost.

Managing Your Outsourced SDRs

Managing your Outsourced SDRs is a whole lot easier than working with in-house salespeople.

The third-party company you work with will be in charge of all management duties. They will take care of scheduling, training, managing, assessments, and any other day-to-day tasks. Compared to in-house SDRs, managing Outsourced SDRs will take a fraction of the time and cause way less of a headache.

Companies looking to hire an SDR Outsourcing company should clearly state their expectations as well as understand the capabilities and limitations of the Outsourced SDR team.

For instance, companies should indicate what level of experience they are looking for as well as any industry or specialty they require.

Further, companies should set clear goals and the metrics used to measure the Outsourced SDR’s success.

SDR Outsourcing companies are experts in setting up performance metrics and goals for your business, even if you don’t have any in mind. By partnering with experienced SDR professionals, you will create a clear plan of goals and guidelines that is customized to the business.

The Difference Between In-House SDR vs. Outsourced SDR

When compared to in-house SDRs, Outsourced SDRs have a wide range of benefits that are perfect for small firms and even complex operations.

The main reason Outsourced SDRs are so popular is that they’re already trained for the role and can start working immediately. When hiring in-house SDRs, the onboarding process can take weeks before the employee starts contributing, costing the business time and money. With Outsourced SDRs, you’re onboarding experienced professionals who already have all the tools and knowledge required.

Another difference is the return on investment. When hiring an Outsourced SDR, companies typically pay a flat rate for a certain number of services. For instance, for $300/month an SDR may send out 100 emails and make 40 phone calls a week. Compared to an Outsourced SDR which is paid based on metrics, the returns and performance of in-house SDRs are not guaranteed.

Finally, by hiring an Outsourced SDR, your company is managing risk. In-house SDRs can fall below performance standards, cause office disruptions, or even quit without notice. By using Outsourced SDRs, the third-party company is in charge of management and bears all the risks. Therefore, if someone on their team quits, they’re in charge of replacing them, not you.

Why Outsourced SDR is the Future

With the rising popularity of remote work, outsourcing SDRs seems to be part of every company’s future.

By using Outsourced SDRs, companies can onboard a highly experienced team of professionals for a fraction of the price and without the risk of in-house employees. Rather than closely managing a sales department, many third-party companies are ready to create a customized plan to achieve your business goals.

Additionally, Outsourced SDRs can be used for a wide range of services across multiple industries and business types. For instance, companies can leverage an extra workforce during the busy season or replace their entire sales department for a flat monthly fee. The opportunities truly are endless.

Outsourced SDR companies give companies the ability to be agile in a fast-changing environment. By working with experienced professionals from around the world, companies can enjoy a sales team that is ready 24/7.

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