Accurate Medical Transcription Services

Streamline your workflow with our Efficient and Reliable services.

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Accurate Medical Transcription Services

Streamline your workflow with our Efficient and Reliable services.

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Outsource Medical Transcription Services to VSynergize

The healthcare industry involves many activities – from counseling to patient care, all of which require special attention to ensure smooth operation. However, even though some exercises are integral to the daily operations of the clinic, they are repetitive and often daunting. A good example of such is transcription, which involves transforming audio files into text.

All of our medical transcription services include segments to make it more effortless for medical professionals to offer value to their practice. The services from VSynergize offer:

  1. A Streamlined clinical documentation
  2. Trained and skilled transcriptionists
  3. Customized transcribed notes 
  4. Fast Medical transcriptions

 Medical transcription service providers like VSynergize help medical practitioners focus on what they do best efficiently and cost-effectively.

Medical Transcription Services We Offer

Accuracy and quality assurance

Accuracy is the cradle of healthcare provision. A simple error in medical data can endanger your patient’s life, especially when it involves prescription and diagnosis reports. In this essence, you must work with medical transcription provider that guarantees high-quality services and data accuracy. A good provider should have well-trained medical transcriptionists to deliver error-free transcripts.

Reliable Services

With audio-based health consultancy becoming a norm in this era, the demand for medical transcriptionists is surging. Many companies are popping up, each promising to deliver quality and accurate transcripts. However, many of them are in business and will disappoint you. VSynergize offers you a very transparent view of our work and clients, where we provide online reviews and can try to reach out and talk to other healthcare professionals working with us.

HIPAA Compliance

When choosing a medical transcription services company, you must ensure they understand and comply with the HIPAA requirements. The company must have strict data protection frameworks. For instance, VSynergize has data encryption as part of the security measures. The transcripts and medical files shared between you and the company is encrypted to deny access to unauthorized parties.

Skilled Transcriptionists

In the medical industry, transcriptionists must deeply understand medical terms and transcribe them correctly. When choosing medical transcription companies for your facility, you must ensure their transcriptionists have the right skills. VSynergize ensures that its transcriptionist understands all medical terminologies. This way, you can expect accurate transcripts that will enhance patient experience and satisfaction.

Benefits of Our Medical Transcription Services

Selecting the best medical transcription services provider may seem challenging, but it is easy when you know what to look for. Outsourcing transcription services will require you to send your patient’s information to a third party. Therefore, you want the company to deliver quality services and handle the patient’s records with care. 

According to the University of Wisconsin, healthcare practitioners spend approximately 6 hours of their 11.4 hours workday in Electronic Health Record (EHR) data entry. Another study states that medical physicians are finding ways to reduce the time they spend on their computers and focus more on patient care.

Considering the facts, you should choose a reliable company that will deliver quality services that meet your healthcare facility’s needs. Whether you have bulky files that need to be transcribed or need transcription services occasionally, we are here to help.

FAQ – Medical Transcription Services

With many companies offering the best services for your organization, only some can hold onto their promises. The reputation of the company’s services is really needed for you to take a step towards them. 

Remember, reliable medical transcription companies should have varying ratings and reviews. The lack of a negative review can red flag the company’s credibility. In essence, how the provider does with negative feedback is vital in determining customer service and relations.

Patient confidentiality and privacy are among the cardinal rules in the healthcare profession. Every practitioner must ensure that the information shared in their patient interaction remains confidential and secure. This aspect does not change when it comes to medical transcription.

Ensuring your transcription service provider is HIPAA compliant will avoid legal conflicts and save your facility’s reputation. Before contracting a provider, assess their data protection measures. Ensure there are no possible data breaches or leaks.

VSynergize has significant experience in handling projects of any volume. Our skilled medical transcription team can work with clients of all sizes, from a few lines a day to any large quantity requirement that you might need on an urgent basis. We also work on customized models that work on the provider’s specialty and necessities. 

Every company offers an accuracy level of 99%. Though some companies might promise these results, you need to assess their capability to fulfill them and you can easily do that by asking for a sample of their services. This way, you will be sure that you will not have issues with errors and mistakes on the patient transcripts.

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