Logistics Services

About the Client

Client is one of the largest, most systematized Logistics Service Providers. Over the years they have
evolved to become an integral Part of the supply chain of many industries that they cater to.
Value chain management and all their components are no longer the exclusive tools of the
manufacturing sector. The client likes to believe that they can deliver true value through their
consulting approach so as to help their clients focus on their core activities and leave the art
and science of logistics management up to them. Towards this end, they have implemented
the methodologies and technology which strengthens every link of the entire supply chain thereby
enabling them to offer their clients value added & cost effective services and solutions
as a committed partner in logistics management.


The biggest challenge that they had was to clear their backlog of digitizing 1.5 millions of records
and also stream line the entire process of digitization which was 200k records every month, in a
very less time frame.
• There was huge backlog in the client’s financial data which didn’t let them do a proper financial analysis.
• Shortage of skilled man power.
• Reduce cost burden.
To meet these challenges there was no other way but to outsource their entire digitization
process to a professional outsourcing company, who can understand their needs and cater
in most professional manner.

Why Outsource?

Of late logistics has become more complex to manage due to the rate at which it is growing.
Over the years the growth of logistics industry has increased manifold providing a window of
opportunity for new players. With this tremendous growth the need to manage the flow of data
has become increasingly important. As the data becomes more complex and monotonous,
it makes sense to get the work done from a professional Service provider.

Core Outsourcing Benefits

• This process helped the client to get monthly financial analysis
• It also helped them get rid of huge backlog with their monthly financial data
• There was reduction in headcount of workers and management
• Client achieved improved accuracy
• The client’s workflow became flexible and were able to offer wider range of services
• The Turnaround time was drastically improved
• The client had an overall reduction in cost by 50% to 55%
• We helped the client focus on their core competencies