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We provides leads

Vsynergize will provides quality leads for Solar, Satellite,  Mortgage, and Healthcare industries. Vsynergize also has state of the art call center. With the help of the call center vsynergize keeps all the leads engaged and makes sure that majority of them convert to the customers.

what is lead ?

Lead is a potential customer who is interested in your product or service in some way, shape, or form. This mean that instead of cold calling or door to door sale you will be in touch with potential customer, who is already shows interest in your business.

What is lead generation?

Lead generation is the process of filtering and converting random strangers into the leads.

How does vsynergize leads can help my business?Why do I need vsynergize?

vsynergize has an extensive process of inquiring leads. Thus over ninety percent of the leads that comes form vsynergize will convert into to the potential customer.

Here is a simple workflow of vsynergize lead generation service.

  • Profiling

    In this step vsynergize will study strangeres behaviores and their interests. Based on the interstes vsynergize will send them to the appropriate funnels.

  • Convert

    In this step stranges are not strange anymore. They are vistiors taht have some interest in the product. If they are really intersted in the product they will go to the next step.Otherwise they will stay in this step. Given that vsynergize knows about visitors intersts at this point, it will try to retarget visitors in the futurs, so they can convert to lead as well.

  • Deal

    In this step Lead will make a deal with the targeted busiines with the collabration of vsynergize and bussines itself.

  • Spread the word

    The best type of customers are the referrals. If the lead becomes a customer and he is happy about the product or service that he is recived he will spread the word and attract other customers to the bussines as well.

Since the commencement of the age of digital world, many ideas are brought to reality. Every aspect of business today is affected by the changing world around it. VSynergize brings to you the ability to widen the horizons of business and tap every market available for your business.
We generate leads for your business through inbound and outbound techniques. Lead generation is creating prospects for your business. We create awareness for your service or product by using marketing and sales techniques.

Working with VSynergize will ensure you quality, consent, disciplined approach and a host of other benefits such as:

  • Outstanding support to your visions of business expansion.
  • Generation of only appropriate leads.
  • Scalability to retract or expand the size of lead generation and lead qualification.
  • Continuous generation of high return rate leads from a specified geographic area.
  • Precise work on each lead.
  • Enhancing the awareness of your product or service in the target market.
  • Seamless presentation of your product or service to attract qualified prospects.
  • Cost-effective services.
  • More output and no failure in meeting targets.

B2B Lead Generation Services

We know how critical it is to get access to these B2B Marketing-Ready Leads. To be able to deliver your message to the right buyer personas is key to a successful B2B marketing campaign & lead generation process. Our umbrella of solutions will get you all the intelligence and competitive insights you’ll ever need to get one step closer to being at the front of the line.

Content Syndication

Our Content Syndication model will let your marketing team get their hands on pre-vetted leads that have already expressed interest in learning more about what you have to offer, be it through whitepaper or webinar.

Appointment Setting Services

We at VSynergize, execute the whole appointment setting tasks including fixing, canceling,
re-scheduling appointments and meetings, just like a Virtual receptionist. Appointment Setting at our end follows a clearly-defined, result-oriented process that goes through the following stages:

  • Contact decision makers
  • Generate leads
  • Appointment scheduling
  • QA processes to validate and verify appointments
  • Online appointment management system

VSynergize has created successful promotional campaigns for dozens of webinars and has developed serious expertise in email design, registration page design, event reminders and offer strategy. The various components of our Webinar promotion design include:

  • Customized HTML email invite
  • Customized HTML registration signup page
  • Powerful Telemarketing follow-ups
  • Online registration and campaign tracking
  • Use of social & digital media to extend outreach
  • Use of our telemarketing team to extend outreach
List Building

Based on your business requirement, our data specialists select relevant contacts from our master file through an automatic and manual filtering process. To ensure your list is relevant and high in quality, our list building process includes:

  • Identifying your target industry
  • Drilling down to details such as the organization and job title
  • Collating data and verifying it through automatic tools and manually
  • Delivering the list in the format compatible to you
How are we Different?
• Performance driven model gives you the cost advantage.
• Our customer advocacy team gives you complete transparency.
• Our solutions combine industry knowledge and operational excellence that gives you reliability.
• Our management team experience that provides solidarity to our deliverables.
Our Methodology
• We source data from varied networking sites.
• Our database is cleansed periodically that enables us to provide valid prospects.
• Database cleansing enables your sales team to close more deals.
How we work?
• By partnering with you for your B2B lead generation services.
• If you are providing similar service, we can help you to process more and more volume in Content Syndication, which means you can inform your clients that you can process around 25-30k more than usual.

B2C Lead Generation Services

Vsynergize holds 14+ yrs of experience spread over industries like Satellite, Securities, Mortgage, Healthcare, Collections, E-Commerce, Telecom, Solar, and the list goes on. We are also proud providers for the Life Line Service Program which is the initiative of the President of the United States, Barack Obama. Our campaigns are designed to source consumers that are active and in-market for our client’s products or services. Our data is fully opted-in and a our lead generation techniques comply with industry standard and best practices. We also specialize and have an expertise in the Mass Tort Lead Generation Industry.

With a highly qualified and professional team, VSynergize has always focusedon delivering high quality cost effective services.Check out some of the work we have done.