Critical Back Office Processes Meet Intelligent Automation

The modern business ecosystem is complex and ever-changing. Companies need to be able to adapt, scale, and deliver quickly.

Stop struggling with the burden of administrative work that goes into running a business. VSynergize’s Intelligent Back Office Solutions can help you automate, transform, and optimize everything from finance to human resources.


With Intelligent Back Office Solutions (IBOS), we simplify complex back-office operations, making finance teams more efficient and effective. Our proven solution, built on an automated platform utilizes artificial intelligence to process millions of transactions in the finance department.

IBOS frees up time for your team to focus on value-added activities. We integrate seamlessly with your accounting software, providing a true partnership that allows you to focus on what matters: your business.

Everything from payroll processing to general ledger and management reports is covered with VSynergize’s IBOS platform.

Shared Services

Improve productivity with our platform’s automated data processing capabilities. We provide a full range of services to help you maximize the efficiency of your shared services.

Capture and convert paper documents into electronic files, and access them using our web-based interface. You can also use our automated workflow tools to route documents for review and approval. And we offer an optional conversion service for envelopes, so you can eliminate the need for opening mail.

VSynergize’s IBOS is a highly reliable system with excellent uptime. It is built from standard components, so it can be installed quickly with minimal disruption to your organization’s existing processes.


Our leading IBOS IT and communication solutions enable organizations to transform their business processes and reduce costs.

By automating manual, time-consuming back-office tasks, our software and services allow you to drive revenue growth, improve customer service and increase business visibility.

Whether your organization operates in the financial services, telecoms, utilities, or retail sectors, we have the expertise to help you achieve a measurable return on your investment.

Services include IT asset management, managed IT services, call center, service desk, virtualization, and more.


Intelligent Back Office Solutions combines key service functions such as payroll processing, benefits administration, and human resources into a single integrated solution.

Our platform is designed to help you maximize efficiency in your human resources, employee benefits and payroll departments.

With VSynergize, you can streamline HR compliance training, HR consulting, payroll management, benefits administration, and recruiting/hiring.

Experience Rapid Growth with Unified Back Office Automation Solutions

We at VSynergize can help you efficiently automate your customer handling processes like Chat, Emails, and Calls to accelerate business growth. Our team has the expertise in crafting productive BPM solutions using leading-edge business process management tools to help you digitally transform effectively.

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