Vsynergize offers solutions starting from simple to complex data entry to its clients. Our experience in house teams help clients reduce cost to deliver the best outputs in terms of quality, productivity, TAT etc. We help clients grow leaps and bounds by taking over entire processes which helps them focus on their core business verticals. We provide round-the-clock data entry solutions to a wide array of clients located in different geographies.

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Vsynergized helped a leading health insurance company based in USA to digitize its data entry process

Client’s Background

The client is a leading American civil rights law firm dealing in commercial litigation and attorney related services.

Business Requirements

Arrest report was prepared by the police for the convicted arrested in USA. The client wanted the outsourced company to digitize specific information from the report such as the convicts name, address, DOB, phone number, crime date, crime etc.

How does the process work?

  1. Client provides a hard copy of arrest reports
  2. We scanned the copies and extracted information from the reports
  3. Forward the mentioned information to the client in minimum TAT
  4. To maintain quality level a double entry format was implemented

VSynergize’s Solution

  • Home created software was used to digitize the process
  • Scanning 1 million documents
  • Digitizing all scanned documents as per batches
  • Sending required outputs in xls. format as per batches
  • Renaming the scanned documents & uploading it on clients FTP

Benefits provided

  1. Maintained a quality of 98%
  2. No infrastructural cost for the client
  3. Sufficient man-power was provided for smooth running of the process
  4. TAT of 90 days was targeted and fulfilled

Time taken

Vsynergize handled the project for 3 months.

Man-power provided

100+ people were provided for smooth running of the process