BPM for Insurance: All that You Need to Know

Attaining excellence is everyone’s dream but achieving it in real life needs continuous improvement on all those little parameters that you feel are important for growth. Insurance firms worldwide also desire to create a unique niche in the market through their unique services. Still, most organizations find it difficult to achieve it due to numerous procedural flaws that exist in their current working ecosystem. For example, insurance processes have a reputation for being lengthy, fragmented, repetitive, voluminous, rigid, and tiresome. Moreover, growing technical debt, increasing compliance requirements, and growing global competition have forced insurance organizations to look for innovative and proven techniques to ease these growing business complexities.

The Business Process Management (BPM) solution is considered as an effective way to optimize and improve business operations to help insurance organizations gain a competitive edge. It has the power to transform business processes by a whole 360* to streamline the process flow and improve business outcomes.

Where Can You Use BPM Solution in the Insurance Industry?

There are many business functionalities in the insurance domain where organizations experience high inefficiency and encounter various other challenges to meet business requirements. Insurance organizations can use BPM services in all such areas. Some of the domains where it proves extremely beneficial are:

  • KYC Process
  • Policy Administration
  • Claim Management
  • Underwriting
  • Billing
  • Case Management
  • Policy Renewals
  • Dispute Management
  • Audit Work
  • Customer Service Process (Requests & Complaints)

These are the key focus areas but you can apply BPM solutions for other business processes as well.

Popular BPM Tools

Although you can find numerous BPM tools that are available in the market, we have sorted a list for you based on their popularity and wider acceptability. These BPM tools can help insurance organizations to eliminate chaos in the business functionalities and streamline processes to increase operational efficiency.

  • BPMApp
  • Kissflow
  • Bizagi 
  • Processmaker
  • Creatio
  • Bonitasoft
  • ProWorkflow
  • iGrafx
  • Comindware
  • Kintone

Popular Advantages of Embracing BPM in the Insurance Industry

  1. Compliance Management: The insurance industry needs to follow various rules and regulations to manage compliances. Manually doing this rigorous exercise is not just time-consuming but also prone to miscalculation which can lead you to pay hefty fines. BPM helps insurance organizations to meet compliance standards without fail by providing automated inputs from time to time wherever a policy violation occurs.
  2. Better Efficiency: Most of the business processes in the insurance sector are very cluttered and run most inefficiently. Enabling BPM empowers insurance organizations to have a better working environment in terms of better work efficiency and enhanced employee productivity as well.
  3. Continuous Improvement: No matter how well you analyze a business process before its actual optimization, as the business evolves, things change. Your system also should be able to adjust changes without any hassles. BPM allows you to make continuous improvements in the working ecosystem of insurance processes. It makes incremental changes backed by historic data to ensure higher success through process improvement.
  4. Transparency: BPM enables insurance organizations to get complete visibility of all business processes from end to end. It helps in having a better understanding of the work and ensures smooth coordination between teams. Moreover, as everything is transparent, it augments the magnitude of work accountability as well.
  5. Knowledge Transfer: When an employee leaves the organization the biggest concern management faces is to get the knowledge transfer (KT) work done in the most efficient way possible. But unfortunately, most of the time this goal is met with various gaps that prove fatal for the organization in later stages. BPM allows organizations to record, archive, and share process knowledge with successive employees. Zero information leakage helps in a smooth transition with the promise of assured success.

Also, it helps insurance organizations in many ways

  • Reduces overall operating costs
  • Reduces overall turnaround time
  • Getting a real-time view of various insurance processes
  • Finding meaningful insights for better decision-making

Technical Aspects that Support BPM Objectives

  1. Robotic Process Automation: This powerful business process automation technology enables insurance organizations to automate their repetitive, mundane, and time-consuming business processes in a very cost-efficient manner. There are various business process analysis software available in the market that can help you examine the existing processes better and assist you in determining the areas of improvement.
  2. Artificial Intelligence: You can refine your business processes to a greater extent by adding the strength of “Intelligence” into the system. Artificial Intelligence (AI) does not just help insurance automation work to become more intelligent but also helps vastly in predictive analysis, CX improvement, and business decision-making.
  3. Analytics: It provides insurance companies with a customized dashboard to get a transparent and accurate analysis of what is happening around them. That too in real-time. It helps in tracking the progress and rectifying issues on time to meet KPIs.
  4. Workflow Management: It helps insurance organizations to identify, organize, coordinate, and execute a particular set of tasks in a specific order to meet desired outcomes. The workflow management system removes bottlenecks from the insurance processes and brings greater visibility to the system.
  5. Cloud Management: It gives business process management solutions a much more comprehensive look by enabling users to get access to BPM services from any part of the world. No matter what the size of your organization, you can’t ignore the power of cloud management during business process management implementation.

Give Your Insurance Business a Big Boost

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