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A successful B2B marketer relies on B2B content syndication which is based on a variety of tactics to increase brand awareness by ensuring greater brand reach which results in more leads. Therefore, if you are planning your B2B marketing campaigns then content syndication strategies should be one of the key components.

In this article, we help you discover what are content syndication strategies, in the first place, and how do they make up for great B2B lead generation.

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What are B2B Content Syndication Strategies?

B2B content syndication strategy is a marketing strategy that involves distributing content from your digital assets to be republished on third-party websites.

If your business publishes a lot of blog posts, guides, and videos, or plans to post them then content syndication helps get the maximum results from the content as it gets published at various different websites with a backlink to yours.

Basically, you meet your audience where they are instead of waiting for the audience to come to you.

You should consider employing content syndication marketing to leverage the same content several times. Use a lot of syndicating sites for content syndication services that have a large following so your content would be more visible and even improves your image as an authority, readers will remember you when they need the product, and allows you to tap into a new audience.


How do syndication partners publish their content?

Some businesses will publish your content on their website for free but others like high-authority sites will charge a fee.

Syndicating sites have their own guidelines for content syndication. Articles may be published in whole, in part, or in a version of the same.

Syndicated content isn’t the same as duplicate content. Even Google says it’s OK to syndicate content if you do it carefully. This means you must:

  1. Append a canonical tag
  2. Must give a backlink to the original content
  3. Even mention things like “Originally published in….”

How do Content Syndication strategies help you?

There is no guarantee that people will click on your ad or will discover you all the way to your social media channels. Discovering your website is even more difficult if your SEO is not done well.

If you want your ideas and brand to be discovered by large audiences, then content syndication is the way to go.

As your content gets more shares, people will begin to recognize you and you will experience more followers and even clicks to your site. Doing content syndication strategies, especially in B2B, generates leads for you by building the readers’ perception of your brand.

To come up with the best content syndication strategies for lead generation, consider the three main important points.

  • First, ask yourself what your content strategy is. For this establish your goals, and learn what you want to achieve with content syndication. Then consider the content you have if it will serve your goals and decide where to syndicate.
  • Second, choose your publishing schedule wisely and make it match the audience lifecycle. When publishing on multiple sites, always stagger the dates as this will help you prolong the life of the publication.
  • And third, practice SEO-friendly syndication. Include a canonical link to ensure that the search engine attributes all SEO equity to the original version.

If these three are taken care of, then you can be sure that you have your basics in place and you can start your journey toward comprehensive content syndication strategies.


Best Content Syndication Strategies for 2023

You can get excellent results by using content syndication for B2B lead generation. Especially in the coming years, content syndication is a great strategy to maximize the potential of your content.

As the year 2023 comes upon us, you can witness a rise in the number of independent content creators. This has also compelled big corporations to activate their content machinery and discover what content marketing can do for their brands.

Given this scenario whoever can get the maximum impact from the same amount of content will win. This simply means, that for the same amount of content you get:

  • More viewers
  • More engagement
  • More leads
  • More signups
  • More conversions

Simply put, content syndication strategies are like lead maximizers.

 Best Content Syndication Strategy

Here are some important content syndication strategies that ensure your content efforts bring in valuable and usable results that will increase your earnings and grow your business.


1.    Create long-form gated content

A good and widely used B2B content syndication strategy is to put forward gated content to your targeted audience. Gated content is online materials that require users to fill out a form before they can access them.


E-books, infographics, videos, webinars, and whitepapers are some assets that work as gated content. The purpose of gated content is lead generation, acquiring user information for potential prospects. Those who are willing to provide information are interested in your content and more likely to respond to future marketing efforts.


2.    Create Bite-sized content as well

Content syndication relies on what you distribute. Creating short and easy-to-absorb content like short videos is one of the best content syndication strategies. This works especially because your audience may not want to spend a long time scanning or digging through your content.


Therefore, while the long-form gated content is important to build trust, the shorter-form content syndicated across the channels helps in gaining visibility.


3. Develop uniqueness in your content assets

The best content syndication strategies are also the most unforgettable. Your digital assets must have an impact on the readers. Using distinctive colors, commanding tones, fonts, designs, and other eye-catching features connects the digital asset to your brand. Your audience will easily connect your company with the asset they have interacted with.


4.    Be extremely targeted in your audience

Establish your target audience first before distributing your content. This will be valid in 2023 as it was in 2020. Proper targeting will never go out of fashion. The simple reason for it is that with this exercise you will be able to discover the best platforms for you to syndicate your content on. This means you meet the best prospects with the highest buying intent.


5.    Work with the ideal platforms

Your content syndication platform is your avenue to distribution. It connects you to a content syndication system that publishes your content. An ideal platform understands your business, your audience’s needs, and the best ways to distribute your gated assets.


6.    Nurture the leads

Lead nurturing is the most important element of your content syndication strategies. Nurturing is your follow-up communications with your prospects. You build relationships with the customers, address their concerns, answer their questions, and move them toward a sale. Nurturing encourages prospects to perform actions that signify greater buyer intent.


Conclusion – Content Syndication for Lead Generation

When used properly, content syndication can increase brand visibility with much success. Even if you have exceptional content on your website but have little traffic, your ideas are totally wasted as only a few will read them. Content syndication not only increases your reach and brand awareness but also builds links and drives more traffic to your original article.

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