B2B Appointment Setting Services

B2B appointment setting is a sales development activity that involves trained sales

B2B Appointment Setting Services

Appointment setters are usually the first impression between a prospect and the company trying to make a sale. Appointment setting is the crucial point which is necessary for creating a sales opportunity. It is setting up an appointment for communication for a salesperson with prospective customers which could turn into a successful deal.

What do appointment setters do?

Appointment setters are skilled professionals who are experienced in getting a prospect to agree to scheduling meetings with salespeople. They call possible clients and customers (prospects) to introduce them to your business as well as the products or services it offers. This usually involves using a contact sheet of previously generated qualified leads and scheduling meetings as needed.

B2B Lead Generation Services

VSynergize, the expert B2B appointment setter, that drives sales and increases productivity

  • VSynergize is a sales and marketing option for small and large businesses, and while we know our audience, we strive to always listen to our customers and learn from new experiences.
  • With over 15 years of experience in the sales and tech industry, we are constantly growing our large prospect database and are extremely familiar with sales cycles.
  • We also have experience in managing large, multi-state and international accounts.
  • Our B2B appointment setting services are a product of our targeted lead generation and pipeline opportunities.
  • Every appointment we set is monitored and approved by our quality department who follow strict verification measures and appointment validation.
  • Every appointment that is set by our appointment setters is recorded and maintained.

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