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One eminent scholar once said, ‘don’t just create a website that tells but create a website that sells.’ We absolutely agree with this opinion. 

Website is not just like any other marketing collateral but it is the central part of your digital ecosystem. It thus must be treated with special care. Whether it attracts the right visitors, guides them towards your offerings, and collects data in pragmatic ways, decides the effectiveness of your sales output. 

As per one study, it is estimated that more than 5 billion people across the globe are using mobile phones out of which the majority are using smartphones. Also, in today’s digital age if you analyze customers’ behaviour then you will find that they often prefer to visit an online marketplace (i.e. to your website) to research about a service before reaching a brick and mortar office. 

Many times the information and experience gained through a website play a vital role in purchase decisions. It thus must be built in a way that not only boosts your brand visibility online, gives your visitors a unique experience, but also enables you to gain quality leads from it. 

But are you capturing such leads effectively or to its fullest extent? It is a vital question that you need to answer. If the answer is ‘No’ then this blog is for you. It will help you understand what different things you must do to transform your website into a lead generation machine.

Make CTAs Effective and Eye-Catching

Call-to-action (CTA) (like Read more/ Download/How to/ Demo etc.) is one such aspect in the world of website lead generation that actually carries enormous power but is often neglected sharply (to a larger extent) due to lack of awareness about its impact on creating more leads. What power it contains, one can gauge by analyzing the below stats. 

  • 90% of visitors, apart from checking the headline, also check CTAs before making the final decision to go ahead
  • Personalized call-to-actions (CTAs) boosts 45% more click than non-personalized ones
  • SAP found that just by changing the colour of their call-to-actions (CTAs), they boosted conversion by 32.5%
  • HubSpot found that anchored text CTAs increased their conversion rates by 121%

The list goes on…..

But what it underlines is the fact that smartly crafted CTAs can boost your conversion rates by impressive numbers.

Their position on website, colour, visibility, visual appeal, content over CTAs, number of CTAs, messaging style and length, etc., makes a significant impact in the purchase decision. Therefore, give special emphasis to CTAs in order to convert as many visitors into customers as possible.

You should use CTAs on most of your web pages. Depending upon the ‘content’ and ‘page type’, you can design it and encourage visitors to gain more insights about your services.  

A Call-to-Action, CTA, is nothing else than a link or button that encourages the action of the visitors on your website or blog

Optimize Your Website

Having a website alone doesn’t attract visitors towards a brand. Your website must follow certain guidelines as per the working characteristics of search engines. Unless your search engine finds you and recognizes you, driving organic traffic towards a website to generate leads is nearly an impossible task to achieve. 

You need to take care of certain vital aspects to help your website come on the top of search results. Once it is visible then only it will become saleable. 

  • Your website content should be SEO friendly, non-plagiarized, error-free, useful, and domain-relevant 
  • It must load faster
  • It should be mobile compatible
  • Ensure that there are no broken links
  • Update website frequently with fresh and relevant content
  • Embed newly arrived keywords from time to time to keep your website updated in terms of SEO
  • The website design should be clean and attractive
  • It must provide a better user experience
  • Easy navigation and browsing experience 
  • Meta description and titles should be connected to probable visitors’ searches 

Remember, nearly, 53% of total traceable traffic comes from organic search. Therefore, optimizing your website can help attract more visitors towards your website and help you save tons of money in paid campaigns to boost brand awareness. 

Everything You Need to Know About Lead Generation machine

Gated Content 

In B2B marketing, key decision-makers are always in search of quality content related to their domain. By curating such content in the popular forms like Whitepaper, Case Study, E-book, Free Demo, How-To Videos, etc, you can gain their attention and ask for their personal details before providing them your valuable content. 

When someone believes in getting something of value in return then that person is highly likely to provide his/her personal information without any doubt. With the help of forms embedded on your website, you can ask for their details. A few important things however must be taken care of to avoid losing the interest of your potential clients during this journey.

  •  Hint them what they are going to earn from this download
  •  Write personalized CTAs to encourage them to come to your landing page
  •  Don’t directly pop-up the form once a visitor comes to your website, instead give them some synopsis about the subject and then encourage them to fill a form
  • Don’t ask for too much information. People often feel enraged and jump from the page when seeing long forms to get something, even for free

This information can prove beneficial for the sales and marketing teams to qualify these leads and take things ahead. In the B2B lead generation segment, almost 80% of the critical content distribution is done through gated means. As it is considered as one of the best methods to generate more leads. Try it if you are serious about lead generation

Email Marketing. Put the right emails in front of the right people. Build email newsletters. Create campaigns.

Add Live Chats

If a customer goes to a shop with an intention to buy something but doesn’t find anyone with whom he/she can discuss his/her queries before making a final purchase decision. What are the chances of that prospect turning into a customer? Quite low. Isn’t it?

The same scenario holds true in the case of online surfing. When a visitor jumps to a website, and generates some kind of interest in your services but doesn’t find anyone who can resolve his/her concerns in real-time. Chances of that visitor to jump from your website rise significantly.

Live Chat feature is made to address this concern and is touted as one of the best ideas to help turn your website into a lead generation machine for a variety of good reasons. It helps enterprises to solve this concern and empower them to engage, educate, and nurture the prospect better.

Why does it matter?  

  • According to Kayako, 79% of businesses said after implementing live chat feature they experienced increased sales and revenue 
  • 79% of visitors prefer online chat to get an immediate response
  • 63% of visitors that use live chat on a website are most probably likely to return further
  • Live chat has the highest consumer satisfaction rate in terms of digital contact methods


  • Real-time humanized response helps create a better bond and strengthens relationships
  • Helps continue the buyer’s journey smoothly to the next level 
  • Create a pull towards your brand by effectively understanding their needs and presenting a customized solution

One of the greatest benefits of adding live chat is that it opens a channel for you to get earn vital data (Name, Contact Number, Email-Id, etc.) of the prospects that you can use in the future for the lead nurturing process

n inbound marketing campaign is meant to attract and engage visitors to your page toward converting them into leads.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are one of the most vital aspects of the website lead generation process. It is the place where a visitor first jumps in whenever you promote anything related to your organization online. Whenever a company launches any marketing campaign and promotes it across multiple channels, you can connect your target audience to such pages. They are not like your home page or any service-related pages. Landing pages are designed especially while focussing on a particular marketing campaign. 

Its objectives are: 

  • To drive more targeted traffic to the website in order to gain more customers
  •  To educate audiences and enhance their interest in your product and services
  •  To turn visitors into customers 
  •  To earn vital information about customers through the sign-in forms

Tips & Vital Stats

  • Use the business name in the title tag
  • Use video content, alluring graphics, and testimonials if possible
  • CTAs like How To/ Free Demo/ Free 30 Days Trial/ Download Your Copy/ etc., can do wonders
  • Not just content but colour, position, and size of design elements also do matter
  • According to HubSpot, companies with 30+ landing pages generated 7X more leads as compared to companies that used 2-5 landing pages.
  • Your landing page should be very very clean and attractive that should grab the attention of your visitors. It should contain minimum but effective elements and information as much as possible. 
  • It must be related to the exact same offer/service that you promised on CTA/Title while publishing your content
  • Use personalized CTAs on landing pages. As according to one survey, it is found that doing so can help you increase the conversion rate significantly 
sales marketing teams

Include Multichannel Approach 

Content syndication is one of the most important parts of the lead generation process. It distributes content via different channels to gain more reach and subsequently leads. While publishing content via multiple channels if you include CTAs or backlinks to your website then it will help you drive huge numbers of visitors to your website. 

While doing so, remember that encouraging them to visit your website is only the half job done, unless you provide them with the required information that they are looking for, chances of turning them into qualified leads will drop sharply. 

A few of the popular multichannel content syndication strategies from where you can drive more traffic to your website for lead generation are: 

  • A backlink from ‘Press Releases’ posted on third party websites
  • A backlink from ‘Social Media Creatives’, ‘Whitepaper’, ‘Case Study’ posted on your own accounts
  • A backlink from ‘Blogs’ posted on your own accounts 
  • Republishing content on popular third party sites like Medium, etc., and creating backlinks from there
  • A backlink from Videos, Podcasts, and other marketing material on various sites
  • A backlink from your own emails or SMS blast campaigns to your website

Add ‘FAQ’ Section

When visitors develop a certain level of interest in your service while surfing your website, churning out a few questions in their minds is a natural thing to happen. At this stage, if you provide them answers to some of the most relevant and popular questions then you can engage them better and push one step further towards their buying journey. 

A few tips to generate better output through FAQs

  • Curate answers in not more than 4 lines.
  • Use anchored text properly in interrogative form
  • Use links to blogs to help understand visitors more about the subject. It will also help you boost SEO
  • Curate and place FAQs based on the soul and key topic of that webpage
  • All FAQs should be related and concerned to the individual web page. For example, if the page is about SEO services (of a digital marketing service provider) the FAQs should be related to SEO Services only, not email marketing which is another aspect and service altogether in Digital Marketing.
  • The order of questions also matters. It should be from the most important to least important (Top to bottom)
  • You can smartly redirect users to various landing pages, sign-in pages, demo pages, how-to-pages, etc., to educate further and collect their data for lead generation campaigns

Always remember that providing quick answers usually boosts lead conversion. Therefore, give special attention to this vital aspect to turn your website into a lead generation funnel. 

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Test, Analyze, and Revise

“Think analytically, rigorously, and systematically about a business problem and come up with a solution that leverages the available data,” says Michael O’Connell, Chief Analytics Officer, TIBCO. The power of reasoning based on real data and facts can help you gain meaningful insight about what is working for you and what not. Unless you analyse, go deep, and test various things on your website, its effectiveness in terms of your lead generation campaign is hard to realize and you will miss your targets in terms of gaining leads in a stipulated time duration. Therefore, check these things frequently to optimize your results further. 

  • Use Google Analytics to check whether the right targeted audience is coming to your website or not. What kind of engagement your pages are receiving. Carefully check the number of visitors, bounce rate, page view per session, etc. 
  • Test the performance of key lead generators like Landing Pages and CTAs to understand conversion rate. There are various tools like Website Grader that can not just help you in analyzing these main lead generation apparatus but also give you better insights to optimize the results further. 
  • Do the A/B testing of your landing pages to check which option is driving better results
  • Analyse meta description, site ranking, form length, etc.  

With proper analysis, you can understand which content, promotional campaign, etc.. worked better for your organization. Based on such inputs, you can create more such campaigns in the future to draw more leads towards the website.

Also, things where you are lagging as per your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), you can re-strategize on your complete marketing campaign to meet lead generation objectives. 

Simple Ways to Optimize Your Website for Lead Generation


Your website is the window for your business. Make it exciting and keep it fresh as per the latest technology and trend. Just by having a website won’t deliver you the expected outcomes, rather building a website that sells your brand, promotes your products effectively, and encourages visitors to pull towards your brand, is something you need. 

Remember, a carefully crafted website can work as an automated lead generation funnel and help you deliver astonishing business results. It is up to you how well you implement these time-tested, proven, and advanced marketing strategies while making or upgrading your website to meet your business endeavours.

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