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6 Lead Generation Techniques Every Marketer Must Know

Are you struggling to generate leads? Finding difficult to manage online business?

Well, it’s time to revise the topics then!

This article gives you a quick glance at various online channels (which you already know) with tried and tested approaches to generate online leads;

#Through Optimized Website:

Websites are gateways by which a customer gains knowledge of your business and also reaches you.

So it’s a no-brainer that under-optimized websites fail to leave a mark. On the other hand, a website that is updated and optimized regularly gains high visibility and potential prospects too. According to the results of a survey on LinkedIn B2B tech community, an optimized website brings traffic 10x greater than usual.

So, next time if you’re going to update your website surely it will:

  • bring potential prospects,
  • help them in buying and budgeting decisions,
  • help you in customer retention

#Through Telecalling:

Telecalling is another preferred way to generate leads. It involves a lot of human touch. With telecalling you get a chance to build a good repo with the prospect and gain more out of a deal. Unlike other online channels, you can simply know about buying and decision making behavior at one-go which later makes easy for you to pitch before a particular prospect.

Again, this is a cost-effective way and still enjoys a prominent position in the list of lead generation techniques.

# Through PPC Advertising:

Ads greatly contribute towards generating online leads and, if they are PPC ads then it is for sure!

The mechanism behind gaining leads through a PPC ad is simple to understand. All you have to do is, create a great landing page and insert some awesome CTA’s in it. Just place the landing page where users visit more often on your site and ask for some great call-to-action like “Sign up now for instant access, Grab your copy away, etc.”

PPC ads are one of the effective conversion tools. It does help in building a conversion list for you and one of the best choices to generate valuable leads within a short span of time. Thus, PPC campaigns are a great subject matter of interest for business owners and digital marketers.

Remember that, a PPC campaign is one of the paid advertising channels. So, be clear with results to ensure that PPC ads are worth investing.

# Through SEO:

SEO techniques still enjoy a great deal. Since Google’s hummingbird update, it has laid down strict guidelines for SEO and content. Blogging and creating other articles is a great way to keep prospects hooked around. Prospects shall enjoy your articles only if they find something useful in it. According to a survey, 70% prospects come to your site only if an article influences them.

So, to cut a long story short, if your article is SEO optimized i.e. catchy title, easily understandable, good word choice and up to SERP’s mark, surely your site is serving some value added contents to your prospects.

# Through Email Campaign:

Email marketing certainly is one of the effective lead generation techniques. Though, it is an old one it hasn’t vanished yet!

And guess what?

The first thing people do every morning is check their inbox. Email marketing again, needs to be well-drafted, thoughtful and mostly importantly crisp.

If you keep beating around the bush, the prospects are going to lose interest and you’re going to lose a customer forever! Crux of the matter is, to gain more out of your email marketing campaigns; you should have a personalized form of email to send to your prospects.

# Through Social Media:

Can your business afford to stay away from social media?

Yes, no, may be?

Well, let’s go by this-

  • In your opinion if it’s a yes! Definitely you’ve lost a big market out there!
  • If you say may be, then surely you need to gear on social media marketing activities as social media adds to the ROI
  • And if you say no, then certainly you have put great efforts to make every social media activity a grand success!

Since a decade, social media channels have grown tremendously and hardly any business can survive without a social media strategy today.

On the other side, customers have become smart today. They constantly keep a digital check on what they are stepping into. Thus, a social media page of your business determines the credibility of your business.

So, investing in social media gives you an assured business and leaps you toward generating leads.


Certainly, generating leads to keeping the flag raised requires efforts but with the correct set of tools and proper understanding of the dynamics you can definitely achieve it.With the techniques mentioned above, 50-60% success rate is assured if you have a well-documented plan and take one step at a time.

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